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NoSweat® Hat & Cap Liner™ 

NoSweat is a disposable sweat absorbing liner that sticks on the inside of any hat, cap, or headwear and soaks up sweat.  Our patented SweatLock™ Technology is engineered to instantly absorb sweat and lock it inside the product to help prevent dripping sweat, fogging, sweat stains, acne and odor.

The product is proudly made in America with hypoallergenic materials that are thin, soft and lightweight.

NoSweat is great for any activity where you sweat and wear a Hat or Headwear, including:

- Hunting / Shooting / Fishing 

- Hiking & Camping

- Enjoying the outdoors! 


NoSweat’s patented design and Dri-LID™ technology is engineered to absorb forehead sweat and clear your line of vision. No Scent™ technology helps lock odor inside the product. Allowing you to keep your eye on the prize and take your game to a whole new level.

-No Scent™ Technology -- Reduces Scent & Odor

-Keeps sweat out of your eyes & glasses -- Clear Sights & FOG REDUCTION.

-Prevents NASTY Sweat Stains on your LID

-Keeps Your LID Cleaner. Fresher. Longer.

-Patented universal design -- Sticks inside the front and/or back of any LID

-Comfortable -- Thin, soft, and lightweight.

-Hypoallergenic -- Helps prevent acne & skin irritation