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Un-Reel Deal is a complete fishing line changing system. The kit has 2 products: 1) Reel Deal is used to apply new fishing line to your fishing reel. 2) Un-Reel is used to remove your old fishing line. Both products are simple to use.
Reel Deal - Insert a fishing line spool into the Reel Deal housing and secure with the adjustable tension nut. Clip Reel Deal to your rod above any line guide and run new fishing line to your reel, adjust tension and begin reeling. It's that easy!
Un-Reel - Insert the Un-Reel tool into any standard drill. Tape old fishing line to the Un-Reel. Run drill in reserve to unspool fishing line from reel. Tip: use your free hand fingers to guide old line on to the tool for fast, easy sighing line removal. Use the designed slot to cut and remove the old line. (allowing for ethical fishing line disposal).