This is new to me...

Nov 11 , 2020


Simone Schara

This is new to me...

Well, I looked up the definition of ‘’blog’’ the other day.  Never blogged before.  Well, that’s not true; I’ve been a writer for a half century so I guess that means i’ve been blogging and didn’t know it.  So I shall continue. 

I returned the deer woods for the start of Minnesota’s 2020 deer hunting season.  Unfortunately, not many deer returned to the same woods.  I saw a few.  Didn’t shoot.  Still have venison in the freezer.  All of which means I was hunting for antlers.  And that means you usually walk out of the woods just like you walked in.  With no deer.   And no luck.

Speaking of luck, my wonderful grandson, Jake, age 16, was hunting a few miles away.  According to his account, he was sitting in his deer stand holding his phone and playing Blackjack.  He hit an ace and a jack.  Winning the game, he immediately resumed deer hunting and looked around to survey the woods.  Oh, what’s that?  A big deer in the brush.  Boom. Game over.  Grandson Jake had whacked a whitetail buck of enormous tale of the tape—12 typical points and about 290 pounds.  Wow.  I’m very happy for Jake because he has spent many hours deer hunting before his luck changed.       But he never gave up; he kept hunting and hoping.

Now, of course, Jake is the family’s deer hunting expert.  He hesitates not  to offer his expertise.   I listen like a grandpa should.  I also listen because after 60 years of deer hunting I’ve never come close to bagging a whitetail buck to match my grandson’s trophy. 

I might be envious, but just a little.  =) 


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